Does Cannabidiol Work In Pets?

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
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Cannabidiol For Pets

Cannabidiol is a very popular compound which can be consumed in a variety of ways. Found in the cannabis plant, this substance will not give you the psychoactive effects you would usually have after smoking cannabis. Even so, it has various uses.

CBD for Pets

Consuming it is good for both human beings and even pets. It can be used for pets such as cats and dogs. You will need to be cautious of the amount of cannabidiol you give to your pets and which form of CBD products you use for them. Pets can consume CBD in a safe way just as human beings.

It is interesting that the endocannabinoid system in every mammal is the same. Cannabidiol works by affecting ECS in animals, so this substance can work for both pets and humans alike.

What Do Studies Indicate?

There are not many studies about using cannabidiol for domestic pets, but a growing number of researches are available on it. Furthermore, the findings of recent studies about using the substance for dogs are promising. For example, a study regarding using it for dogs having degenerative joint disease discovered that they showed more activity and less pain after taking it. It found that dogs that consumed CBD had no noticeable side effects. Preliminary information from clinical tests concerning using it for dogs having epilepsy discovered that it helped shrink seizures for most tested canines with no side effects.

More research is needed, but present anecdotal reports and research reveal that domestic pets can consume cannabidiol with no problems and may find it useful. The items and ways in which you give it to pets will still be slightly different from consuming it yourselves.

How to Give CBD to Pets

Giving CBD to a dog or cat is different from you consuming it, but there are many ways to use the substance for your pet. Several quality products available for pets make it easier to give them a healthy amount of CBD.

An option is to use CBD oil for pets. It can be consumed sublingually, but it can be tricky to get your pet to hold it under its tongue. Rather, usually, pet owners apply it to the gum of their pet. However, adding the oil to the food for your pet is easier than that.

Still, there is no better method to give it to your pet than through CBD-infused treats. You just need to feed these tasty treats to it. Each treat has a specific quantity of cannabidiol, so it makes it that much easy to give it a dose of this substance on a regular basis.