Choosing Among Various Pet CBD Product Types

CBD Oil For Dogs
CBD Oil For Dogs
Pet CBD Products
Pet CBD Products

CBD is not a medication that is exclusively for human use but is a popular medication for pets as well, and the CBD market has a plethora of cannabidiol products. The market products differ in terms of concentration, potency, and methods of administering and choosing one for your dear pet takes some time.

What Are The Different Pet CBD Products?


CBD oils have quicker reaction time and when compared with CBD edibles, the decision of dosage is quite easy. Most of the pet owners prefer CBD oil sourced from hemp plant alone to make sure that the oil does not contain higher amount of THC, which can affect the pet’s health negatively.

Like with human CBD oil, pet owners have to be careful about the source of the pet CBD oil. Make sure that the brands use third party lab testing. Before you start giving CBD oil to your dog, consult a veterinarian and discuss the course of the treatment with them.

When compared with several other pet CBD products, CBD oil has high potency levels that made it a popular choice.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are prepared by blending CBD extract with solvents like alcohol or oil and they are consumed orally just like CBD oil. CBD tincture taste better than CBD oils because of the added flavoring agents in them and is an excellent health supplement option for dogs.

CBD Topicals                                    

CBD topicals are efficient in delivering localized pain relief to your dog and they are exclusively for external use. The topical is applied to the affected area and CBD creams, salves and lotions are some of the common CBD topicals.

Most often, other therapeutic compounds like herbal extracts and essential oils are added to the CBD topicals to enhance their effect. CBD topicals can be used to treat skin allergies and reduce the pain symptoms of conditions like arthritis. When we compare the potency of CBD oil and CBD topical, we find that CBD oils are more potent than CBD topicals.

CBD Edibles

Feeding medication to a dog is not that easy and if you own a dog you must have a clear knowledge of it. Administering CBD oils and tinctures to your dog is quite a challenge because of its characteristic taste that is unfamiliar to the dog and is not really appealing.

CBD edibles save you from the trouble of feeding CBD orally to a hesitant dog.

The choice of a pet CBD product is not something that you can make randomly because it demands proper research and understanding. Consider the health condition of your pet and consult a veterinarian before starting a CBD course.