Tips For Buying Pet CBD

Buying Pet CBD
Buying Pet CBD
Buying Pet CBD
Buying Pet CBD

The cannabis compound, CBD is a therapeutic, equally effective for humans and animals. CBD brands are spending a lot of time researching ways to manufacture high quality pet CBD products that are effective in treating various pet diseases. Here are some of the tips that will help you in buying pet CBD.

Purchase Cannabidiol Products Only After Checking Their COA

A certificate of analysis (COA) is issued by third-party labs by testing the cannabidiol product for its cannabinoid contents and the presence of toxins if any. Studying the certificate helps you decide whether or not to buy the product. The COA will usually be provided on the product website and if you cannot find it, better choose not to buy the item because the lacking transparency puts the reputation of the product under doubt.

Choose Products With “No Detectable” THC

The law allows less than 0.3% THC in hemp products but we recommend that you buy products that have zero detectable THC. Less than 0.3% THC in cannabidiol products is not going to give a high to humans but dogs may react differently to THC levels that are even this low.

Go For Organic Hemp Products 

Purchasing organic products is very important, especially in the case of hemp products, as the plant tends to accumulate potential toxins present in its growing soil. Unless you produce hemp organically, the cannabidiol products will contain the toxic fertilizers that can affect the pet’s health adversely.

Beware Of Products That Are Marked As “Hemp Oil” Alone On The Label 

If the product label just says “hemp oil”, and has no information about the cannabidiol percentage, it is better not to buy it. Hemp oil with CBD and hemp seed oil are entirely different because the former has therapeutic properties while the latter is used as a food supplement.

For Therapeutic Purposes, Choose CBD Oils Or Tinctures 

There is no denying that administering CBD treats to your dog is going to be a piece of cake. However, CBD edibles deliver only a small percentage of CBD into your pet’s bloodstream. CBD oil/tincture is a better pet CBD option due to increased effectiveness.

Low Prices May Be A Warning Sign 

Cannabidiol products never come at cheap rates because their production involves significant capital investment. Do not be misled by cheap rates because they might be a sign of the flaws in product quality.

And that brings us to the conclusion that adequate measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of your pets!