What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD For Cancer In Dogs?

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CBD For Mindfulness
CBD For Cancer In Dogs
CBD For Cancer In Dogs

Cancer is reported as one of the most common causes of death in dogs, especially after they cross the age of 10. Some studies suggest that about 1 in 3 dogs develop cancer in some stage of their life. Mammary cancer, melanoma, and lymphoma are the common types of cancer that affect dogs. Bone cancer, mast cell tumors, and Hemangiosarcoma are also reported in dogs.

CBD for pets has wide-ranging applications in treating the medical conditions in pets and maintaining their general health. In this article, we are focusing on the use of CBD for canine cancer. You can make your dog eat CBD  easily with CBD edibles.

What Are The Ways In Which CBD Oil Is Used In Treating Cancer In Dogs?

Let us take a look at the ways in which CBD can be used for treating canine cancer.

Reduces Pain And Inflammation

Pain and inflammation can be symptoms of the disease progression or occur as side effects of cancer treatment. Many pain killers come with associated side effects. Opioid pain killer may lead to increasing levels of tolerance that increases the chances of overdose. NSAIDs have varying side effects in some dogs including liver and kidney failure and severe gastrointestinal trouble.

Reduces Nausea And Improves Appetite

Nausea is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment. The general gastrointestinal discomfort will affect the appetite of dogs undergoing cancer treatment, making their health even worse. Several forms of cancer cause a metabolic condition, cancer-induced cachexia characterized by severe appetite loss.

CBD has the ability to reduce treatment-induced nausea, thereby improving the general health of the dogs.

CBD Enhances The Tumor-Shrinking Mechanisms Of Cancer Therapy

CBD cannot be used as an alternative to cancer treatments. However, it has the ability to enhance the tumor shrinking properties of cancer treatments like radiotherapy. It allows your veterinarian to decrease the dosing of the treatment, a significant step that reduces the possible side effects associated with the therapy.

A recent animal study involving mice with pancreatic cancer found that giving them CBD in addition to gemcitabine, a type of chemotherapy, contributed to a threefold increase in the survival rate.

Active studies and clinical trials being conducted to determine the anti-cancer effects of CBD for pets shed light to a possibility that CBD can be used as a full-fledged cancer medication in the future.