Types Of CBD Concentrates You Should Be Aware Of

CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate

CBD concentrates are products extracted from the hemp plant, which are popular in the CBD industry for the great potency and high concentrations of CBD they carry. There is a wide range of CBD concentrates found in the market that varies based on the methods used to extract them. These products are capable of providing you all the health benefits of CBD efficiently. Also, as these products have only a small concentration of THC, they do not result in any intoxicating effects. Hence, they are considered to be safe for human use.

You can find different types of CBD concentrates on the market. Therefore, we are listing some of the common forms of CBD concentrates that are available for you to choose from.

Types Of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates will be usually made up of CBD extracts and some carrier oils. Some undiluted concentrates are also available. The following are some of the common CBD concentrates available for you in the market.

CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is popular in the CBD industry for the potency and versatility it carries. This product also has a neutral taste, therefore, it is suitable for adding in edibles and drinks.

For producing CBD distillate, the extract will be distilled to separate other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant materials from it. Terpenes will be re-added to the product for increasing the effectiveness. This will provide a pure hemp extract that has high purity and higher concentrations of CBD.

CBD distillate is usually used for making broad-spectrum CBD oils, pre-filled vape cartridges, and edibles. You can always choose a convenient way for taking CBD distillate.


It got its name from the wax-like texture. CBD wax is produced by means of the CO2 extraction process or winterization. Winterization is a type of purifying process that is used for removing compounds that may become damaging when vaporized. It will be then frozen for almost 24 hours thereby allowing the cuticle waxes to be removed and separated from the end product.

CBD wax will be generally used for the purpose of dabbing. This product will have high concentrations of CBD, therefore, it will help you to get intense and fast results.

CBD Crumble

It has a soft texture that will crumble on heat or touch. Extra terpenes might be added to crumbles for increasing the potency, which may add a specific flavor to this product. It is generally used for dabbing, but you can also take it orally.

There are different types of CBD concentrates available in the market. Basically, they are almost the same, however, they can vary slightly in terms of their texture, concentration of CBD, and the method of consumption.