How To Make Your Dog Try CBD

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

CBD has been a savior of a drug not just for those with opposable thumbs, but for our four legged furry friends as well. One of the few herbal alternatives that work beautifully with dogs; CBD is one medication that every dog owner must introduce their dogs to.

CBD for pets is available in a variety of forms, right from topicals, tinctures to oils, treats, and many more.

Choosing The Right CBD Product

Understand what it is that you need your pets to try CBD for. If your dog has separation anxiety and because of which he/she barks and gets aggressive for no reason whatsoever, then CBD will be able to help. If your dog suffers from arthritis or has other bone or joint pains, then CBD can help them. Make a thorough understanding of what your dog needs and provide it to them with the help of CBD.

CBD For Pain Relief

CBD is an effective pain relief, so if your dog has injuries, sprains, or other sources of discomfort and inflammation, then giving a small dose, to begin with, is needed. If your dog gets CBD every day, but still seems to whimper and feel pain, then it is safe to increase the dosage steadily. Make sure to supplement this with a healthy diet and good exercise. Play fetch with them every other day!

How To Apply CBD?

Dogs are quite choosy when they feel something different about their meals. If even after putting CBD, they don’t eat then it is best to attempt to place the dosage directly into the dog’s mouth. Use a spoon or a dropper, and be ready for a fight as they tend to squirm far too much!

If however, your dog doesn’t mind chomping down on the CBD rich food, then try mixing the CBD dose with wet food. This helps incorporate it well.

You can also add CBD to their treats and let it soak the goodness. Wet the treats lightly with drinking water, so as to make the treat more porous. You can try this on for puppies or smaller breeds of dogs such as Shi Tzu or Pomeranians, which don’t require large doses of CBD.

CBD use will bring about many great benefits for your dog; you will notice them happier and frolicking around, the next time you walk them to the dog park.

Give man’s best friend a new lease of life, all with the help of CBD.