All You Want to Know About Giving CBD to Your Pets

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
Benefits Of CBD For pets
Benefits Of CBD For pets

Cannabidiol (CBD) became a common substance that is widely used by a lot of people. As it is found to be effective in humans, many people are now giving it for their pets too. Some people claim that this compound produced wonderful effects on their pets, while some others state that it is not useful. However, the use of CBD for pets still remains a controversial subject, as there is not enough scientific proof to show the effectiveness of CBD in pets.

Despite the lack of proof to claim the potential of CBD to treat different diseases in animals, many people still continue to use it for their pets. They believe that it can cure different diseases in their pets. If you also want to give CBD for your pets, but unsure of its effects, then we are here to help you. We list some of the important possibilities of CBD for pets along with all the other things you want to know about the same. Read along to find out if you can give CBD for your furry friends.

What is CBD?

As most of you already know, CBD is a compound that is derived from marijuana or hemp. However, it does not produce any intoxicating effects that are commonly associated with these plants. CBD is usually derived from industrial hemp that has a very low amount of THC in them. THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana that is responsible for producing the “high” effect and addiction. Hence, CBD products are considered to be safe for human use.

Can A Veterinarian Prescribe CBD Products?

Even though many states have passed bills for legalizing the use of CBD for humans, there are no bills or laws for allowing the use of CBD for pets. Hence, veterinarians are not allowed to recommend the use of any CBD products for animals. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for the vets to prescribe any CBD medicines for your pets even if you ask it, as they may face legal actions.

However, some states like California have recently passed a bill for preventing the penalizing of veterinarians for discussing with the clients about the possibilities of using CBD for pets including their side effects along with toxicities. Therefore, such states allow you to get an expert opinion when you use CBD for pets.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

Even though the studies for finding out the efficacy and safety of CBD for pets are still in their infancy, some studies suggest that this compound has exhibited the potential to treat certain diseases in animals. One study suggests that it can be useful for reducing pain and inflammation in pets suffering from osteoarthritis.

Another study indicates that CBD has the ability to control seizures in animals that are suffering from epilepsy. However, these results are not yet authentically proven. Therefore, more studies and research are needed in this field for proving the effectiveness of CBD in pets.

How to Give CBD For Pets?

There are different ways to administer CBD for your pets. CBD is available in the form of a variety of edibles like cookies, gummies, etc. that can be easily given for pets. You can also give CBD oil for your pets directly or mixing it in their food. A lot of CBD creams and balms are also available that can be applied externally.

Even though you can use different methods for giving CBD for your pets, you have to be aware of the fact that the efficacy of these methods is not yet proven. However, some studies indicate that giving CBD oil orally can be more effective than other methods including creams, balms or edibles.

Finding the Dosage

Finding the right CBD dosage for your pets is a tricky process. Currently, there are no guidelines for specifying the amount of CBD that should be given to animals for treating different diseases.

The effect of CBD varies for each pet, so is the dosage. You have to find the right dosage based on the weight and nature of your pets. It is always better to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it till you find results. Monitor the pet’s reaction to each level of dosage and make changes if needed.

How to Select A Product?

As the FDA does not impose any regulations on CBD, there are a lot of CBD products available in the market from different brands. Hence, you have to choose a product wisely. The best way to know more about a product or brand is by checking its website. Find out if they have any third-party certification. This will help to ensure that the product has good quality and is safe for use.

In addition to this, you have to make sure that the product contains a permitted level of THC in it. Otherwise, the product will be illegal and can also create harmful effects.