CBD has emerged as an effective treatment option for a wide range of health conditions. Short for cannabidiol, this substance is beneficial for human users and pets. CBD goods are legally allowed to contain only up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. These legally allowed products are undoubtedly safe for human users.

However, when giving your pet a CBD or a CBD-filled product, be sure that it can take that much THC. Talk to the vet to know whether your pet will have any issues by having the trace amount of THC present in the product for your pet.

The information posted on this website is for just educational purpose, and it is not meant as official medical or health advice. Always talk to a vet about any question you have regarding CBD for users. We post articles about CBD for human beings too, so the above-mentioned is applicable for all potential users of it including pets.

That said, you can rest assured that everything you find here will be from reliable sources only. Our posts containing buying tips are based on experts’ opinion. We know that there is much misinformation about CBD on the internet. We also know that the internet is a media where misinformation spreads faster than truth. We mean to spread only factual things through this website.

If you find anything on this site that you feel needs further clarification, feel free to write to us.